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Tree Service

Allen's Tree Service Inc.'s Tree Crews

Allen’s Tree Service Inc. has  3 to 4 tree crews operating at any given time consisting of as little as 2 employees with a chip truck and chipper up to 6 or 7 employees with several pieces of equipment and trucks depending on the scope of work estimated. Our crews are highly trained to industry standards with over 100 years of combined experience. We strive to provide the best quality care possible. 

Allen’s Tree Service Inc. provides complete tree care, 24 hour emergency service, deadwooding, corrective pruning, crown thinning, crown raising, tree removal, low impact tree removal, hazardous tree removal, power stump grinding, stump chip clean up, crane services, Teupen aerial lift, bucket truck and Tree Mek services.

When having a tree or shrub removed, you have options to consider. Tree removals will leave an impact and or indentations on your lawn, you may choose for a low impact tree removal which will require more equipment and time. You may choose from hauling or not hauling the debris and wood. If you keep the wood we can cut it into 18-24" lengths.


Allen’s Tree Service Inc. also recycles 100% of our green and wood waste materials to reduce the amount of debris in landfills. We produce mulch and organic compost (no human waste). 


We are always looking for places to dispose of our tree chipper clippings, we dump a full truck each time. There is no cost for this service if we are currently working in your neighborhood, call today to get put on our list.

 After the tree is removed, a stump is normally cut as low as possible to the ground or we can grind it for you. You have the choice of having almost any stump removed. We can grind almost any stump with a few exceptions. If we are unable to grind out the stump, hand digging may be an option. We hand dig stumps that are unreachable by our machine, in an enclosed area, or have other plants or hardscapes that interfere. We have power stump grinders that go approximately 12 to 18 inches below the ground surface. After stump grinding, there is usually a surprisingly large amount stump chips left from the stump. The wood chips are very acidic and some plants do not like acidic soil, so be careful if using them as mulch. If you decide to do that, be sure to let the stump chips sit for about 6 months and turn them a few times to allow the material to break down to reduce acidity. It’s really about customer preference. Here at Allen’s, you also have the option of having us remove the chips to ground level or remove them and fill the hole with topsoil. We are a full landscape company and can sod/seed the area of the stump or even plant a new tree for you in the same area.

Cutting Stump Close To Ground

Allen's Tree Service Inc. tree climber
Allen's Tree Service Inc. tree climber
Allen's Tree Service Inc. tree removal
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