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The Process

Step 1: Contact our office for an estimate. One of our secretaries will set up a day and time for an estimator to come out to your house and meet with you to look at the issues your trees and shrubs may be having.

Step 2: Then the day prior of the estimate a confirmation call will be made with a 2 hour estimated time frame of when the estimator will be out to your house to provide an estimate. On the day of the estimate the estimator will then call you when they are on the way to your house to make sure you are home and available, unless you stated that you will not be home during the estimate and provided the exact details of what the estimator is providing an estimate on. It is best if you are home to meet with the estimator so they can explain in detail what they are providing an estimate on. In some situations we may require the property owner to be home to meet with estimator.


Step 3: After the estimate is given if you would like to proceed with the work the estimator is recommending then Allen’s Tree Service, Inc. needs you to authorize us to do the work by signing and dating the estimate and sending it back to our office. Sometimes the estimators give several options for one tree, so please make sure you mark through any work you do NOT want done.


Step 4: Once our office receives the signed contract we will put you on our schedule. We do NOT call you to schedule a specific date unless your project requires special circumstances such as a wire disconnect in which we have to coordinate with AmerenUE. We work on a first come first serve basis by area. So we do the job that we got first and try to work in that specific area all day. Depending on the size of the job, the expertise required, the equipment required and the area you are in, will depend on how far out you will be on our schedule. Normal lag times in our industry can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the time of the year, the amount of storms we may have recently had and how well the weather has been cooperating with us. We will call you the day prior to our crews coming out only. We do not call you to let you know we received your paperwork. You may call our office at any time to see where you are at on our schedule. If you require your work to be done in a certain time frame, that needs to be discussed at the time of the estimate, so we can do our best to work with you on getting your needs met.


Step 5: After the work is complete per the estimate our office will send you an invoice. We prefer payment by check.

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