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Services We Provide

Cabling & Bracing- Limits the movement of branches, leaders, or even the whole tree. Can help defects or conditions that pose risks of failure, which could result in property damage. Cabling and bracing can help reduce that risk. *not all potential hazards can be helped by a tree support system.

Clean Out Interior - The selective pruning to remove one or more of the following non-beneficial parts of the plant: rubbing & crossing, dead, diseased, and/or broken branches.

Crown Raising- The removal of lower branches or limbs from buildings, signs, people, or vehicles. This will allow you to walk under your trees, and let more light to your lawn.

Crown Thinning - The selective removal of branches to reduce the density and weight of live branches and to increase light penetration and air movement.

Deadwooding- Removing branches or limbs that are dead or dying off within a tree that can either break off or become vulnerable.

Hazardous Tree Removal- The removal of dead dying or decaying tree that could potentially fall on someone or something.

Removal - The removal of an unwanted or dead tree or shrub form the landscape.

Selective Pruning- The removal of inferior branches or limbs such as diseased, broken, wounded or weakly attached branches to prevent further damage in a tree.

Structural or Corrective Pruning- The removal of live branches to influence the orientation, spacing, and growth rate of a tree. This is used for young to medium trees to help engineer a sustainable trunk and branch arrangement. 

Stump Grinding - Grinding of a stump 12-18 inches below the ground surface . We typically leave the stump chips from unless hauling of the chips is requested.

Stump Chip Clean Up Here at Allen’s, you also have the option of having us remove the chips to ground level or remove them and fill the hole with topsoil. Some customers like to use the stump chips as mulch. If you decide to do that, be sure to let the stump chips sit for about 6 months and turn them a few times to allow the material to break down because they are very acidic. It’s really about customer preference. We are a full landscape company and can sod/seed the area of the stump or even plant a new tree for you in the same area.

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