PHC Applications

Plant health care applications are applied at specific times during the year depending on the type of application. Environmental factors such as temperature, wind speed, and rain can affect when applications are applied. In prevention of said application a charge for our service technician’s time will be applied to your account. The minimum for said fee is $50.00. We encourage you to inform us on the contract when signing the work if we need to contact you prior to the application to unlock gates, move vehicles, notify neighbors, cover pools or ponds, etc. We typically do not contact you prior to this service to ensure deadlines are met. Our service technician will leave a notice on your door letting you know we were there to apply the application, what application was done, who did it and when it was done along with any comments for you. We do have to contact digrite for any services that displace the soil such as deep root tree fertilization. If you see markings in the vicinity where we are performing the service please do not remove the markings or flags. We will be out shortly to perform your service. ***There is no guarantee for any plant health care service***

Plant Health Care (PHC): To maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality and in the case of trees – safety, using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available. PHC involves monitoring, using preventative treatments, and adopting a strong commitment to work closely with the tree owner.

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Deep Root Fertilization: The fertilization of your trees by injecting a metal probe 6 to 8 inches below the ground surface in a circular pattern underneath the crown out to the dripline of the tree.  This may result in dark green circles appearing in your lawn. We use a non-leaching fertilizer that lasts for 1 year. This helps aid in the prevention of the loss of nutrients available in the ground for the plant to use. Plants need these nutrients as food to maintain health and fight off insects and diseases. Typically applied October through May unless the ground freezes, we do not recommend fertilizing over the hot summer months this would result with fertilizer burn.

Horticulture Oil: A foliar spray for trees, shrubs, and plants to prevent overwintering insects and egg masses from hatching in the spring to keep populations down for the year to come. Takes effect immediately and lasts 6 weeks. Typically applied February through May.

Fungicide - Disease Spray: A foliar spray to help minimize or control a fungus or disease and usually requires multiple applications.

Insect Spray: A foliar spray to help protect trees, shrubs, and plants from being harmed by insect. Takes effect immediately and lasts 6 weeks.  Depending on the type of insect problem will depend on the type of control recommended.

Sweetgum ball reducer: A topical spray to reduce the amount of fruit a tree produces, basically retarding the flower. This service is recommended to do on an ongoing annual basis once started, the absence in spraying one year could create and overabundance of fruit. Works rapidly and is usually done in early April, however many environmental factors affect when the spray should be applied such as temperature, wind, rain, and the stage of the flower of the fruit. We watch these trees very closely to ensure the chemical is applied at the correct time for effectiveness.

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Systemic Insecticide: At the base of the plant chemical introduced and the root system picks it up and disperses throughout the entirety of the tree. Typically takes effect in 4-5 weeks and is effective for 1 to 2 years depending on the type of insect problem will depend on the type of control recommended.

Cambistat Tree Growth Regulator: A chemical used to restrict the elongations of plant cells. Growth can be restricted up to 1/3 of potential for 3 years. Also used to help damaged roots regrow. 

Tree Injection:  Application of chemicals directly into the trunk of trees. Very effective means of applying the chemical with no chance of contamination to surrounding area.

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Emerald Ash Borer Control: At Requires a systemic insecticide to control larvae that feed within the tree. 2 Chemical options are available.

Verdur: A product used to help correct Iron deficiencies in trees. Most commonly used in Pin Oaks