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Plant Health Care

One of our main focuses, here at Allen’s Tree Service Inc. is on Plant Health Care. We provide our clients with the safest and most effective plant health care and lawn care application programs available. We are dedicated to diagnosing and treating ailments your trees, plants, or lawn may have. Our company offers personalized lawn care application programs based on the service you and your lawn needs.


We use a method known as integrated pest management. This means we treat what needs to be treated, when it needs to be treated. Other companies may use a 3-4 application program where they treat everything in the landscape, whether it needs it or not. This may sound good on the surface but can cause problems in the long run, by killing off populations of beneficial insects and causing outbreaks of harmful insects. It also increases the amount of pesticide used on your property. We only employ Certified Commercial Applicators all of our applications are done by Missouri Department of Agriculture Certified Commercial Applicators on our clients’ properties. Allen’s Tree Service Inc., Inc. intends to be the only company you need for your entire landscape.

Kevin Gallagher- Allen's Tree Service Inc.

Kevin Gallagher

Plant Health Care Supervisor

Kevin is an ISA Certified Arborist and has a broad range of knowledge in our industry. He specializes in diagnosing insect, diseases and disorders with trees, shrubs, and lawns. Kevin has been in the green industry since 1984 and has consistently shown effective and efficient plant health care and lawn maintenance for our clients.

John Beckman

Tree Risk Assessor

John is a Certified Arborist, a licensed commercial applicator since 1986. John has seen a wide array of insects and diseases affecting the trees and shrubs in the St. Louis area. With over 30 years experience John is familiar with the options available to control the insect and diseases affecting the plants in our area. 

John Beckman- Allen's Tree Service Inc.

Allen's Tree Service, Inc's Spray Rig:

Our spray rigs are capable of reaching 80 to 90 foot in height.

Allen's Tree Service Inc's Spray Rig
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