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Allen’s Tree Service, Inc. provides two different types of mulch for our customers. We carry both double ground organic mulch and dyed mulch. The double ground organic mulch we carry is standard in size and made from hardwood material produced by recycling all of our wood debris and chippings from tree services we provide to our customers.  This prevents our landfills from filling up too quickly! It also enables us to help keep our costs down to pass along to you, our customers.  The dyed mulch we carry is an oak mulch that has been dyed. We carry two colors red and espresso brown. The dyed mulch is more for cosmetic purposes, as it does hold its color longer than a non-dyed mulch. However, all mulch will eventually fade in color due to environmental factors such as bleaching from the sun or leaching from the rain.

We also carry tree chipper clippings or woodchips, clean woodchips, certified playground woodchips, and compost. The tree chipper clippings or woodchips are what is chipped into the back of our chip trucks from our tree service work, they are usually 2-3 inches in size and contains sticks and leaves. The clean woodchips are very similar to the tree chipper clippings except they do NOT contain any sticks or leaves in them. Both the tree chipper clippings and clean woodchips are very acidic which could harm your non acidic loving plants, they are usually fresh unlike mulch that has been turned from time to time to break down the acidity level.  We recommend using these for paths, walkways, dog pens, horse stables or acidic loving plants such as blueberries, grapes, and blackberries.

The certified playground woodchips are woodchips that are produced especially for playgrounds. These playground woodchips are a 100% natural product and contain no chemicals, waste wood, pallets or artificial ingredients. We utilize virgin wood fiber that could not be made into lumber. They are approximately ½-2 inch in size certified by . They are made to ensure your child’s safety while on a playground.

Allen’s Tree Service, Inc. currently offers an organic compost that contains no human waste. Compost contains essential nutrients and moisture that can help plants grown. Compost can also help suppress plant disease, reduce erosion, and improve soil structure. We recommend using compost in your vegetable garden, landscape beds and lawn.

We are also always looking for places to dump our tree chipper clippings or woodchips, we dump a full truck each time. There is no cost for this service if we are currently working in your neighborhood call today to get put on our dump list.

Mulch is used to: maintain moisture & temperature, improve soil conditions, minimize weeds, and reduce damage from weed whackers. Mulching is the most beneficial thing a homeowner can do for the health of their trees and landscape plants.

It is important that mulch be applied correctly. Improper mulching can harm your trees! We recommend a layer of 3-4 inches in depth. Pull the mulch away from stems or trunk of the tree several inches so the base of the trunk is exposed. Place mulch out to the drip line of the tree or beyond. Remember, if the tree had a say in the matter, its entire root system (which extends well beyond the drip line) would be mulched. Be sure to rake or break up any matted layers before applying new mulch.


If mulch is applied too deep or if the wrong material is used, it can actually be harmful to trees and other landscape plants. Mulch piled up around the base of the tree looks similar to a volcano and can lead to insect and disease problems. Volcano mulching can also cause rotting on the trunk due to built-up moisture around the base of the trunk which can stress the plant out and cause root rot.


Organic mulch decomposes which improves the soil quality and provides nutrients for your plants. The only downfall is that the mulch must be periodically replaced.