Allen's Tree Service Inc. Landscaping Sample

Did you know the landscaping around your house could increase your property’s value by up to 20%? We can help create a special outdoor experience for you and your guests. Creativity and maintenance are our two top priorities when drafting a landscape plan for you. Aside from simply making sure your landscape is aesthetically pleasing, we understand that future maintenance starts with the landscape plan and making sure we put the right plant in the right place. Our goal is to make sure that your new landscape suits your maintenance requirements, and as a full-service landscape company, we are able to provide the maintenance for you. You will be pleased with the quality and attention to detail our crews provide. Our landscape specialists are experienced, well-trained, and always courteous and respectful of your property. Anthony Scharf is the on-staff Horticulturist and Landscape Manager. With over 20 years of hand-on experience in Landscaping, as well as an A.A.S. in Horticulture, Anthony has the proper knowledge and experience to ensure our customers are in good hands.

Allen's Tree Service Inc. Nursery Stock

At Allen's, we don't just remove trees, we plant them as well. Every year our horticulturist hand selects a few hundred trees from a local grower that we keep in our half-acre on-site nursery. We are dedicated to providing our customers the best quality trees, and are able to furnish and install a variety of ornamental trees that are well suited to grow in this area. If the customer is unsure of which tree is best suited for their yard, one of our specialists will visit the site to make appropriate recommendations. We strongly adhere to the philosophy of "Right Plant, Right Place". In addition to providing quality trees, all trees and shrubs that we furnish and install come with a one-year replacement warranty, so our customers have the peace of mind that they get what they pay for. 

'Ruby Falls' Redbud
'Royal Rain Drops' Crab Apple