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Did you know...that tree service is the most dangerous occupation in America with over 132 deaths per every 100,000 people.


Education, continuous training, insurance, specialized equipment and experience are the most important qualifications a tree service company can possess. Hiring a tree service company without these rare qualifications could put you, your home, automobile, lawn, landscape and pocketbook at great risks.


Most homeowners are unaware of the great risks of hiring a tree service company without general liability and worker's compensation. A company possessing general liability covers objects or structures on your property if they become damaged for any reason. Worker's compensation covers any employee working for the company you hired if any injuries occur. Worker's Compensation only protects you if the company doing work has worker's compensation for that specific type of work. If a tree service company only has worker’s compensation for landscaping then YOU will not be protected for tree service type work such as large removals when they are hurt on your property doing such work.


If the company you hire does not possess worker's compensation then you are at great risk, you would be responsible for any injuries that could happen on your property. Homeowners insurance does not cover nor protect you from injuries to hired help or damage to your property. We recommend that you obtain a copy of an Accord Certificate of General Liability & Worker's Compensation. You may also want to challenge the insurance by contacting the insurance company to make sure that the insurance is paid and up to date with the correct coverage's for the specific type of work to be done at your property.

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Acord Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance
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