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Mulch FAQ's


Q: What type of Mulch do you carry?

A: Currently we offer a Double ground organic, that is $28.00 a yard, Dyed Dark Brown and a Dyed Red, that is $38.00 a yard. 

Q: How do you sell mulch?

A: We sell mulch by the truck load for pick up at our location, delivery & drop off service, or delivery & install service.


Q: How much does 1 yard of mulch cover?

A: 1 yard of mulch covers a 10x10 sq ft area 3-4 inches deep (you should never have it more than 4 inches deep).

Q: How many yards will my truck hold?

A: Standard size 6 ft. bed holds up to 1 1/2 yards, and an 8 ft. bed holds up to 2 yards all without a toolbox.

Q: How many yards can be delivered at one time?

A: 12 yards is what fills our dump truck. Tractor trailer loads available. 

Q: Does organic mulch attract bugs?

A: Our mulch does not attract any more bugs or insects than what would normally be there.

Q: Does mulch attract termites?

A: No, because termites are only attracted to wood that is below the earth’s surface and mulch is used above ground.

Q: Is mulch treated with any pesticides?

A: No, we do not treat our mulch with any pesticides, our mulch is organic.

Q: Is mulch treated with a fire retardant?

A: In very dry weather, we recommend that when you water your plants you also water down your mulch. This will help prevent a potential fire hazard and hold moisture in plants.


Q: Is mold on mulch harmful?

A: No, a fungus/mold can grow on top of mulch when it gets hot and humid. This fungus/mold is not harmful and helps decomposition of the mulch. It can be removed by blasting it with water from a hose.

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